Another year wiser

Its my birthday today. Alhamdulilah (all praise to Allah) for the life He gives me. I'm very grateful for everything I have today especially my little family. We are not perfect. We scream, we fight, we make up, we laugh together, then we fight and scream again. But my husband and I always trying to give the kids a memorable if not the best childhood they can have.

We had a short getaway over the weekend. Just a 45mins drive from home since Hubs didn't want to go anywhere further than that haha. I will post a blog review on the place next. For now its enough to say that the hotel didn't meet our expectation as a 5 star hotel.

Happy Birthday to myself. May we be blessed with good health and life. I pledge to live my life by the day and not taking it too seriously. Let us learn to embrace the life as it is. Imperfect is perfect in all way possible.

With the most expensive gift of the year   ย 

With the most expensive gift of the year