Ali’s bathtime routine

Ali and Bathtime don’t really get along. You see.. Ali hates cold. Cold room, cold bath but I certainly hope he will like cold countries (so we can travel ya-ha!). I always have to make sure that his bath will be a little bit on the hotter side of warm (if you get what i mean haha). So far I have bathed him everyday since the day he came back from the hospital and really enjoy it. Though sometimes he pee on me or scream on top of his lungs haha. I’m sure gonna miss it when i start working soon *cry*  

Ali will normally cry when I take him out of the tub and wrap him in the towel (whats with kids and bathtime? Its hard to get them into the shower and even harder to get them out of it!). But in Ali’s case I don’t think he cries coz he enjoy it. He will settle in when he gets onto the changing table and gets his diaper on. 

So this is what I normally put on him after his bath (morning and evening) :

L-R (clockwise): Sterimar Nasal Spray (age 0-3yo), Bud’s Nappy Time Change Cream, Minyak Telon (don’t know what you call this in English haha), Elixir for Soraya Respire, Bud’s Infant Cream and Elixir for Soraya Immunity... and there, a fresh and clean baby!

L-R (clockwise): Sterimar Nasal Spray (age 0-3yo), Bud’s Nappy Time Change Cream, Minyak Telon (don’t know what you call this in English haha), Elixir for Soraya Respire, Bud’s Infant Cream and Elixir for Soraya Immunity... and there, a fresh and clean baby!

Sterimar Nasal Spray was prescribed by the paed due to his snuffle. It helps to moist his nose and airways and clear the mucus. I apply it during his bathtime and also before he goes to sleep. Its very safe for babies coz its basically just salt water. You can get this at most pharmacies. For newborns and babies, just make sure you take the one for age 0-3yo as it comes with a smaller nozzle.

Bud’s Nappy Time Change Cream is basically just a diaper cream. My older kids had sensitive skins and mild eczema when they were babies, so this time I chose Bud’s as its organic and supposed to be gentle for baby’s skin. So far it works well for Ali and I love the texture and smell too. Another good diaper rash cream which I used for my older kids is Sudocrem. I will certainly use this if Ali gets nasty diaper rash. Again, you can easily get these 2 from any pharmacies or baby’s stores.  

Minyak Telon is actually an oil use for newborns and babies to avoid colic and gassy tummy and also keep the baby’s body warm. It smells good too. I normally apply this on Ali’s tummy (around the belly button). You may get this oil from any baby’s store, pharmacies and supermarkets. 

I found out about Elixir for Soraya range from her IG Elixirforsoraya. I’m a fan of essential oils and have been using Young Living oils for quite sometime especially for my kids. I was looking for a simpler version to apply to the kids on daily basis and found the IG. Basically they sell essential oil balms which I like coz its very compact you can just carry it anywhere with you and not to mention the benefits you get. I bought 3 types of balms: Respire (for blocked nose, flu, cough and sinus), Immunity (for immunity, antibody and germs-away) and Collywobles (for stomach discomfort, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, colic, gassy tummy and nausea). On daily basis for Ali i just use Immunity by applying just a dab on his soles and spine. The other two i use it as and when he needs it. 

Last but not least is a gentle and usually short massage (coz Ali gets restless easily after bath) using Bud’s Infant Cream which also can be purchased from any baby’s store and pharmacies. 



The other day we brought Ali to the paed cause he keeps making this snoring sound especially at night. I was actually worried cause the sound he makes kinda like wheezing sound and since our kids have history of bronchitis i thought its better to have him checked.

So we went to our favourite Klinik Kanak2 Dr Chua in Kota Damansara. However, our favourite Dr Chua wasn't available. Apparently he only comes in during weekdays and morning session only. The rest of the days are handled by a few other paed. And that also depends coz he sometimes attends some charity events and will get other doc to replace him :(

So we were attended by another doctor (forgot his name, my bad). He’s quite good but i still prefer Dr. Chua. So as usual he took Ali’s weight and it was 3.99kg. He’s a little bit below average for his age (as he was born 12 days early) but he’ll catch up soon. Next he asked us on our concern and all. He said it is called ‘Snuffle’ which means breathing noisily through the nose. Was told that its quite common for newborns to make funny noises throughout the nose as their airways are still small thus even a little mucus will cause that. 

So next he placed Ali on the treatment bed and checked his nose, lungs and mouth. Alhamdulilah, his lungs are clear. There were no sign of flu and his temperature was normal. His throat also seemed ok. Since Ali was also active and feed normally, he take it as just a little case of snuffles. 

Days after that we found ourselves at Klinik Kanak-kanak TTDI to see the famous Dr. Altaf. Truthfully, I would see Dr. Altaf before other docs as he’s more experienced. Only that the bills will come out rather high compared to the other paeds we know and to find parking space at the clinic area is very very hard. We always end up parking illegally at the alleys (oopps! Haha)  

So we went there to get second opinion. Was told the same thing. Ali’s lungs are clear and so are the throats and nose. I told Dr. Altaf that I came for second opinion as I’m afraid that it might bothers Ali and he asked me “Does it bother him or does it actually bothers you more?”. I was quite surprised actually it made me thinking and I was like Yeah, I think it bothers me more coz I’m scared that he might have problem breathing u know. Guess i’m just being paranoid. No meds were given but was advised to get the Sterimar Baby from the pharmacy as it helps to keep the baby’s airways moist and prevent mucus. 

So we bought the Sterimar over the counter and apply the same to Ali everyday without fail ever since. Next post I will share what I normally apply on Ali after his bath apart from the Sterimar. 


Captain Ali will be back on track y’all! #alidoodleseries