Shangri-la Putrajaya

We had a staycation for my birthday at the Shangri-La Putrajaya. Since my birthday fall on Tuesday, we checked in the weekend before. We've been to Putrajaya a few times before but this is our first time in Shangri-La.

I booked the room through As a PA (my day job), searching for the best hotel & flight deals is one of my job scopes. I normally compare the prices through Tripadvisor or Trivago. So when I was searching for the best deal for Shangri-La Putrajaya for the dates we wanted to go, the best deal was through 

We booked the Deluxe Room Park View (Family Fun) Package thinking that it's a special package for family like us. It's actually overrated. Not only the Park View means just some green bushes and all (my husband said there's actually a park not far from the hotel but can't really see it from our balcony. So yeah I don't see why its called Park View when we can't actually see it), there's also not much difference to the normal package.

My boys.

My boys.

When we arrived at the hotel I couldn't help but to wonder why the hotel was so quiet. I can barely see any guests at the lobby area. Checking in was quite fast. We were then brought to our room which was located on the 1st floor of the hotel. My first impression of the room was "Omg! This looks so old and outdated!". They use wooden furnitures mostly which I don't really fancy but the room was very clean and tidy when we came in so that's good. Size of the room is ok though I think that the bathroom took up most of the space. And yes they have nice bathroom. I actually thought of sleeping in the bathroom instead. LOL.

The package I took comes with daily buffet breakfast for 2. This is actually the part I hate the most about this hotel. I have tried foods in Shangri-la KL and heard of so many good review of other Shangri-la hotels all over the world (my boss is a loyal patron) but man the foods here are just so lousy, I can't even. The lunch we had on the first day was a bit okay but the breakfast totally ruined the whole trip. I don't know about you but I always look forward to breakfast whenever I checked in a hotel. Not only the buffet spread was little but the overall presentation and taste of food was poor. Most of the foods were so cold when they were supposed to be hot and some foods got so hard to chew on. But the kids loved it coz they get to enjoy the free-flow yoghurts and juices.

Probably the best part of the hotel.

Probably the best part of the hotel.

The package also comes with complimentary entry to the Kids Fun Room (which is actually open to all! We didn't even bother to check it out. Plus the kids were more interested in the swimming pool), complimentary Kids Turndown (which we don't need), Sunset Cocktail everyday from 6-7pm (we didn't get to use this coz we were out during the day) and complimentary shuttle service (with 2 boys, a baby, stroller and all, we prefer to travel in our own car).

Let see how do you score Shangri-la Putrajaya?

Let see how do you score Shangri-la Putrajaya?

Verdict: I would give them 4/10 for the clean room, friendly staff, location and hotel ambience. I will never return again unless I got to stay for free :p

Another year wiser

Its my birthday today. Alhamdulilah (all praise to Allah) for the life He gives me. I'm very grateful for everything I have today especially my little family. We are not perfect. We scream, we fight, we make up, we laugh together, then we fight and scream again. But my husband and I always trying to give the kids a memorable if not the best childhood they can have.

We had a short getaway over the weekend. Just a 45mins drive from home since Hubs didn't want to go anywhere further than that haha. I will post a blog review on the place next. For now its enough to say that the hotel didn't meet our expectation as a 5 star hotel.

Happy Birthday to myself. May we be blessed with good health and life. I pledge to live my life by the day and not taking it too seriously. Let us learn to embrace the life as it is. Imperfect is perfect in all way possible.

With the most expensive gift of the year   Β 

With the most expensive gift of the year